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Whether it is for use in your marriage, or to better equip you to help others, Marriage Coach has a practical approach to giving you tools to build a great marriage.


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DISC Behavioural Preference PROFILES

  • Learn what really motivates you and understand the why behind your behaviour.

  • Find out how you can adapt and connect with people in a deeply satisfying way.

View season one of Saving Our Marriage as shown on SABC3 here.

Paul Nyamuda, as seen on Saving Our Marriage on SABC 3, is the founder and primary resource creator for Marriage Coach. Both a pastor and organizational psychologist, he is known widely as an expert in leadership and social intelligence. He has researched relationships and marriage extensively and is passionate about marriage and family life.

We are both happily married and Paul played an immense role in where we stand today.
— Harvey



A very practical approach to help you build a happy and fulfilling marriage.


Make Your Marriage Work in 24 Days

Your marriage can be great. Simply start with everyday, practical elements discussed in this book.